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TOMAAS: Bridging Realms of Surrealism and Post-Humanism



In the evocative realm of contemporary digital art, TOMAAS emerges as a luminary whose creative prowess defies traditional boundaries. Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, this visionary artist’s journey has been a global odyssey. For 18 transformative years, TOMAAS was a prominent figure in the dynamic artistic landscape of New York City before making a profound shift to the artistic mecca of Paris in 2014, where he currently resides.

TOMAAS’s artistic oeuvre is a compelling fusion of photography, Crypto Art, animation, and various digital processes. The result is an arresting body of work that resounds with emotional intensity and visceral impact. His creations are profound commentaries on the zeitgeist of a post-human society increasingly entangled in the embrace of artificial intelligence and the pervasive influence of networked cultures.

Drawing inspiration from the surrealists of yesteryear, such as Salvador Dali, Giorgio De Chirico, and Eugène Delacroix, TOMAAS crafts a visual language that both pays homage to the iconic past and propels it into an audacious future. His art is simultaneously ethereal and dystopian, offering an intriguing duality of aesthetic references. Hollywood pin-ups and haute couture fashion find themselves entwined with the imagery of science fiction, where the human and the machine coexist harmoniously, and sometimes discordantly.

TOMAAS masterfully introduces us to a world where traditional notions of beauty and eroticism are questioned and redefined. His portraits, while being visually alluring, simultaneously invoke reflections on post-internet philosophical ideals and experimental concepts. In the process, the artist seamlessly navigates through the blurred lines of the real and the surreal.

The profound impact of TOMAAS’s work is affirmed by its inclusion in prestigious collections around the globe. Notably, it finds a home in the private collection of Higgin Kim in Korea, a figure of eminent repute on the Global Patrons Council (GPC) of Art Basel and an illustrious collector of contemporary art.

In a testament to the ever-evolving and multifaceted nature of TOMAAS’s artistic endeavors, 2022 marked a significant milestone. He participated in a Crypto Art group exhibition in Downtown Dubai, where he shared the stage with none other than the legendary Banksy. The year was also graced with an invitation to exhibit his Crypto Art at The Crypt Gallery in New York City, hosted by The Dream Hotel Group—a space celebrated for showcasing renowned contemporary artists. This venture solidified TOMAAS’s position as a trailblazer in the burgeoning realm of digital art.

In the annals of acclaimed exhibitions, TOMAAS’s name is etched alongside luminaries such as David LaChapelle and Liu Bolin. The Royal Monceau Gallery in Paris, France, bore witness to his work in 2017, and the prestigious Venice Biennale extended an invitation in the same year. Furthermore, TOMAAS’s portfolio graces galleries in New York City and is celebrated in a multitude of international publications, including but not limited to Vogue Italia, W Magazine, VS, Marie Claire, Elle, and Schoen, each of which bears testimony to his meteoric rise in the world of contemporary art.

TOMAAS’s artistic journey is an exploration of the surreal and the post-human, where beauty and philosophy converge to challenge the boundaries of visual art. His work serves as a captivating bridge between the legacy of surrealism and the dawn of a new era, where the human spirit and technology coalesce, creating an enduring and provocative narrative.

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