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Charles Livingston


Charles Livingston, the newly appointed Publisher for Focus Fine Art Photography Magazine, comes to the role with more than twenty years of robust experience in the media and publishing sectors. His responsibilities include is responsible for sourcing, negotiating, and securing content that aligns with the strategic goals of the organization, ensuring a diverse and engaging selection of materials for publication. His career is marked by significant tenures at leading publishing houses where he developed a reputation for propelling growth and spearheading innovative projects. Charles is celebrated for his strategic foresight and adeptness in navigating complex industry dynamics, qualities that have enabled him to successfully launch and expand digital platforms in his previous positions. As the new publisher of Focus Fine Art Photography Magazine, we welcome Charles with open arms as he helps navigate a new direction of Focus.

Elena Martinez


Elena Martinez steps into the role of Associate Publisher with a rich heritage in arts administration and media. Prior to joining Focus, Elena was the director of a prominent art gallery where she curated numerous high-profile exhibitions. Her deep connections within the art community and her robust knowledge of operational management make her an invaluable asset to Focus. Elena’s leadership is expected to enhance the magazine's reach and influence, maintaining its reputation as a premier publication for photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. Elena will be assisting the Publisher with overall publication management, including business operations, advertising, distribution, and sometimes editorial oversight. She helps to implement strategies that increase revenue, expand readership, and enhance the magazine's market presence. We welcome Elena as she works to make Focus the #1 magazine for fine art photography.

Robert McPartland


Robert McPartland is the esteemed Editor of Focus Fine Art Photography Magazine, a publication renowned for its dedication to the art and craft of photography. With decades of experience in the industry, Robert brings a seasoned perspective to the magazine, curating content that is both inspiring and insightful. His expertise lies in fine art photography, and he has a keen eye for work that pushes the boundaries of the medium. Known for his approachable demeanor and sharp editorial insights, Robert has cultivated a platform that celebrates both emerging talents and established artists. Under his leadership, Focus Fine Art Photography Magazine has become a must-read for enthusiasts and professionals seeking to explore the depths of photographic arts. His personal commitment to the photographic community and his passion for storytelling are reflected in every issue of the magazine.

Sophia Bellucci


Sophia Bellucci is a fine art photographer whose passion for the visual arts was cultivated from a young age in her native Italy. Born into a family of renowned fine art photographers, Sophia was immersed in the world of artistic expression and craftsmanship. Her parents, both successful photographers, provided an environment rich with creative stimuli, fostering her deep appreciation for the subtleties of light and shadow and the narratives captured through the lens. Sophia’s work is characterized by its emotional depth and meticulous attention to detail, qualities she attributes to her heritage and upbringing. Her photography often explores themes of nostalgia and intimacy, using the interplay of light to create compelling visual stories. With a keen eye for the timeless and ethereal, Sophia continues to push the boundaries of fine art photography, building on the legacy of her family while infusing her unique perspective and contemporary flair

David S. Spivak


David Spivak, serving as the Director of Sales at Focus Fine Art Photography Magazine for the past 19 years, has been a cornerstone in the magazine's commercial success. In 2005, David Spivak founded Focus Fine Art Photography Magazine, fueled by his profound passion for fine art photography and a vision to create a platform that celebrates this art form. With an astute understanding of the evolving media landscape, David has consistently led his team to exceed sales targets through innovative strategies and strong customer relationships. His expertise in negotiating high-value contracts and partnerships has significantly expanded Focus Magazine’s reach and influence in the fine art photography community. David's leadership style, characterized by a commitment to excellence and a deep knowledge of the industry, continues to drive the magazine’s growth and reputation.

Nina Blake


Nina Blake has carved a niche as the Exhibitions Director at Focus Fine Art Photography Magazine, leveraging her unique insights from her previous career as a fashion model. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Nina has been immersed in the arts from a young age, surrounded by a family deeply involved in fine art photography. Her transition from modeling to curating allowed her to use her firsthand experience in front of the camera to enhance the ways artwork is displayed and experienced. Nina holds a degree in Art History from the UCLA and excels in organizing exhibitions that challenge and expand the boundaries of traditional photography. Her past as a model brings a valuable perspective to her role, particularly in her approach to the visual and aesthetic elements of exhibition design. Nina is a former model from Hollywood Model Management LA.

Reilly Goldstein


Reilly Goldstein, the Art Director at Focus Fine Art Photography Magazine, balances her professional life with her role as a devoted pet parent to her Golden Retriever, Max. With a keen eye for visual aesthetics, Reilly guides the magazine's artistic direction, ensuring that each edition reflects the high standards and innovative spirit of the publication. Her understanding of the dynamic interplay between art forms enriches the magazine, making it a leading voice in fine art photography.

Mia Bennett


Mia Bennett, the Associate Designer at Focus Fine Art Photography Magazine, is a dynamic and creative force in the design world. Recently graduated from a prestigious design school, Mia has quickly made a name for herself with her innovative approach and keen eye for aesthetics. Driven by a passion for blending traditional elements with contemporary trends, Mia is dedicated to redefining the visual presentation of fine art photography. Her work is characterized by a meticulous attention to detail and a bold, inventive use of color and composition.