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In the winter of 2003, New York City was paralyzed by one of its most severe blizzards. As the snow painted the city white, an opportunity arose for David Spivak that would set the trajectory for his involvement in the world of photography. Amidst the storm, a close friend, unable to make it to the city, offered David tickets to the esteemed AIPAD Photography Show, an iconic art fair inaugurated in 1980 that showcases a diverse array of global photographers. David Spivak, always having a profound appreciation for the arts, seized this serendipitous chance. This experience not only deepened his passion for photography but also planted the seed for what would become Focus Magazine.

Today, Focus Magazine stands as the epitome of excellence in the realm of photography collection journals. Its unmatched content, ranging from comprehensive interviews to in-depth information, distinguishes it from any other publication in the field. With six enlightening issues a year, Focus provides its readers with unparalleled insights into news, emerging trends, and essential information on the art of collecting photography.

Over the years, our magazine has honored the works of photographic legends like Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Margaret Bourke-White, and Irving Penn, and has delved deep into conversations with luminaries such as Arnold Newman, Michael Kenna, Ralph Gibson, and many more. What sets our interviews apart is our dedication to exploring the very essence of the individual behind the lens. We strive to capture the heart and soul of the photographer, translating their stories and experiences into words, creating an enriching read for our audience in every issue.

For those looking to showcase their work in Focus Magazine, we are always open to new and riveting contributions. Connect with us at Focus Fine Art LLC, and personally reach out to David S. Spivak at [email protected]. Dive deep into the world of photography with Focus Magazine, the unparalleled guide for photography enthusiasts and collectors alike.