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Get ready for an audacious exploration of fine art photography in the upcoming Issue 21 of Focus Magazine, a significant milestone marking our dedication to showcasing all facets of this dynamic field. This issue takes a bold and unflinching dive into the evocative realm of fine art nude photography, a genre that demands intimacy, vulnerability, and an honest portrayal of the human form in all its raw beauty. Our selection of photographers has been meticulously curated, featuring artists who transcend the surface to extract and convey the inherent strength, deep-seated resilience, and complex emotions embedded within humanity. Their individual perspectives imbue this timeless genre with new vitality, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms. Nudity in this context transcends its literal definition, transforming into a potent symbol for emotional revelation and human connectivity. Our featured artists wield their lenses to shape narratives around the human body, visualizing it as a living canvas that narrates stories infused with historical echoes and personal experiences. Focus Magazine spotlights these photographers who interpret the human form with originality and sensitivity, potentially leading you to uncover the next extraordinary addition to your collection.  As you navigate through Issue 21, anticipate a deepening understanding and appreciation of fine art nude photography.

Introducing the 22nd edition of Focus Magazine: our special People & Portraits Edition. Dive into a curated collection of fine art portraits that capture the essence of humanity in every frame. This issue stands as a testament to the profound ability of portraiture to reveal stories, moments, and emotions. Featuring a rich mix of classic and contemporary styles, this edition showcases the diverse interpretations of portraiture by globally celebrated photographers. From soul-stirring close-ups to captivating environmental portraits, we celebrate the multiplicity and complexity of human experience. In this issue, you’ll find exclusive interviews with renowned portrait photographers, providing invaluable insights into their creative processes. They share the inspirations and narratives behind their iconic images, offering both collectors and photography enthusiasts a unique view into the world of portraiture. “Delving into the People & Portraits Edition of Focus Magazine, you will find it is far more than a mere compilation of images. This edition transcends the tangible aspects of print and photography, transforming into a voyage of human connection, artfully captured and expressed through the medium of fine art photography. We invite you to immerse yourself in this profound exploration, to encounter the diverse faces of humanity, and to experience the captivating power of the fine art of portraiture in a way you’ve never seen before.

The upcoming Issue 19 of Focus Magazine marks a significant milestone in the world of fine art photography. Returning to print, this edition symbolizes a shift back to traditional mediums amidst a digital age. The issue highlights influential figures and events in photography, such as the late Mary Ellen Mark and the international art fair Paris Photo, offering a global perspective. Herb Benkel, Abelardo Morell, and Howard Greenberg are recognized for their groundbreaking contributions. Additionally, the magazine showcases Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk’s modern take on chiaroscuro techniques. This 19th issue is a testament to the past and future of fine art photography, a must-have for enthusiasts and a piece of photographic history.

Celebrate the milestone 20th edition of Focus Magazine, diving deep into the captivating world of alternative process photography. Discover the remarkable artistry and ingenuity behind these unconventional techniques as the magazine showcases extraordinary images crafted through cyanotype, gum bichromate, and platinum/palladium printing. Immerse yourself in the evocative beauty of handcrafted prints, each bearing the unique touch of the artist’s hand. Unveiling the work of visionary photographers who push the boundaries of traditional methods, this edition is a tribute to the art form’s rich history and its exciting evolution. Secure your copy now to explore the enchanting world of alternative process photography.