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Focus Magazine and Art Pulse Announce Historic Merger to Revolutionize Global Art Media Landscape



New Unified Brand to Deliver Unprecedented Access to World Artist Interviews and Elevate the Photography Market

NEW YORK, NY, August 14, 2023 – In a landmark move poised to reshape the art media sphere, Focus Magazine and Art Pulse are thrilled to announce their official merger. The union of these two iconic brands seeks to create an unparalleled platform that will spotlight artists from every corner of the world, ushering in a new era of global art appreciation and engagement.

Art enthusiasts can expect a rich tapestry of content that not only showcases the beauty of photography but also delves deep into the minds of the creators. The merger amplifies the voices of artists, giving them a broader stage to share their stories, inspirations, and aspirations.

“This merger isn’t just about combining resources; it’s about crafting a shared vision,” says David Spivak, Publisher of Focus Magazine. “Together, we are curating a space where artists from diverse backgrounds and experiences come to the forefront, bringing art aficionados closer to the pulse of the global art scene.”

Furthermore, this alliance promises to significantly enhance the photography market. With more content from a broader array of photographers, both budding and seasoned professionals will benefit. The expanded platform will offer greater exposure opportunities, foster community collaborations, and amplify the reach of unique narratives told through the lens. This merger will also bring over art collectors who have traditionally collected paintings and drawings over to photography.

“The art world has, for centuries, been a dynamic space of innovation, inspiration, and passion. Collectors have been at the heart of this ecosystem, driving demand, setting trends, and offering artists the recognition they deserve. Traditionally, art collectors have gravitated towards paintings, sculptures, and other tangible mediums. However, the merger of Focus Magazine and Art Pulse signifies more than just the union of two media giants; it’s set to bridge the divide between art collectors and the vibrant world of photography,” Dov Singer, CEO of Art Pulse said. “The union of these two brands will give birth to a fresh brand named Photopulse. This new platform will deliver daily content on the art photography market, tapping into the vast audience of millions already subscribed to Art Pulse’s offerings in Europe.”

The forthcoming joint brand will be unveiled in the coming months, with teasers of their first collaborative issue, which promises in-depth interviews from a diverse ensemble of photographic artists across continents. Both Focus Magazine and Art Pulse are excited about this next chapter and invite their loyal readerships and the global art community to join them on this thrilling journey.