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Unveiling the Lens: The ‘Photie Man’ Exhibition Honors Tom Wood’s Decades of Capturing Liverpool’s Heart



“Photie Man” is a grand celebration and retrospective of the internationally acclaimed Irish artist, Tom Wood, who was born in 1951. This exhibition will offer visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Wood’s compelling imagery, displaying the extensive scope and depth of his career. The exhibition acts as a comprehensive visual anthology, showcasing his iconic depictions of Liverpool and consolidating his work from every era into one extraordinary narrative. Notably, this exhibition marks the first major retrospective of Wood’s illustrious work in Liverpool, the city that has significantly inspired and influenced his photography.

Tom Wood, fondly known locally as the ‘photieman’, has spent the greater part of his career dedicated to capturing the essence of Liverpool and Merseyside. He persistently seeks out the quotidian moments and faces, the ever-changing landscapes and cityscapes, to create a multi-layered, intimate, and insightful portrait of the city and its surroundings. The subjects of his photographs range from ordinary people to the city’s architectural landmarks, every snapshot telling a story about a definitive phase in the social and political history of the region. His pioneering approach and ability to find beauty in the mundane have cemented his status as one of the most influential photographers working today.

The exhibition will feature a myriad of highlights that reflect the vast range of Wood’s work. Among these are his well-known and acclaimed projects such as ‘Looking for Love’, a riveting series captured within the vibrant atmosphere of the Chelsea Reach nightclub in New Brighton. Also on display is Wood’s highly praised Bus Series, aptly named ‘All Zones Off Peak’, which offers a fascinating perspective on public transportation and its passengers. Additionally, the exhibition will bring to light his long-term, yet previously unseen studies of two major local institutions – the Cammell Laird Shipyard, a cornerstone of Liverpool’s maritime history.

Moreover, the exhibition will delve into Wood’s use of found photographs, a form of art that involves the collection and transformation of pre-existing images. His remarkable landscape photography, taken in the breathtaking locales of Ireland and North Wales, will also be highlighted. A special feature of the exhibition will be the unveiling of never-before-seen film work from the artist, providing an intriguing contrast to his still images and further enriching the understanding of his artistry. The “Photie Man” exhibition promises to be an immersive and enlightening journey into the world of Tom Wood’s photography, allowing visitors to appreciate the breadth of his creative genius.


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